Queen K Designs, a graphic design company based in Southwest Georgia; goal is to create a unique business identity for each client that leaves an impression on all who see.

When her father (Kenneth Fletcher) struggled to find a graphic designer for his books (SLICES: A DAILY DEVOTIONAL & THE RELIGION OF RACISM), Kerpasha took the initiative to learn the available software to help him. Her work became part of his published works; and thus, Lady K Productions (now Queen K Designs) was born.

As the Founder of Queen K Designs and a business owner, her daily functions include designing projects, handling various accounts, maintaining social media accounts, developing strategies for digital advertising, creating and updating client websites, and much more.

“Being a meticulous organizer, Queen K Designs functions as efficiently as possible. With so many specialists and graphic/website geniuses in the industry, our business stands out, because we look at our clientele as a family.

Our society is becoming more and more dependent on technology, so Queen K Designs strives to provide customers the most efficient use of technology by providing designs that impact and capture people’s attention and brings recognition to that particular company or brand. It’s our goal to create projects that each member of our family can be proud of.”

Therefore, Kerpasha wants her designs and words to impact those who view them to their core and inspire each individual to live their dreams with no regrets.